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The group's tour marks the 15th anniversary of its fifth album, 's Hearts of Oak , part of a tour that finds Leo dedicating two nights in six cities, one evening dedicated to that album and the other to Leo's greatest hits. The partnership of friends Aimee Mann and Ted Leo as The Both is one of the best things to ever come out of Twitter: the two pals maintained a long-distance connection over clever tweets and hashtags and eventually toured together, supporting their solo albums. At some point on the road, in the wilderness of Milwaukee , they decided to write songs together too. Their eponymous debut album, The Both , was the best of all worlds: Mann and Leo are smart, scrappy, and very funny together , nudging each other into new territories. Leo, who is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for his next album, slated for an August or September release, told FUV that he and Mann are looking ahead to a second album together. In the meantime, Leo has written an affectionate assessment of his "Five Essential Aimee Mann Songs" for FUV Essentials but since it's impossible to choose only five, he slipped in a few more too :. I mean, nobody said the five or the definitive five. But as it turns out, you could tell me which five to write about, and it would still send my mind careening around each album, making connections, and asking, "Yeah, but what about this one. You have to remember what mainstream pop was like in the mid-Eighties to fully understand the impact of this song and video on a lot of us. Bad relationship songs were more about who cheated on who or who broke whose heart than exploring the devaluing of self-worth and manipulation of emotions by a domineering partner through a feminist lens—let alone from such a striking and singular voice as Aimee's in the 'Til Tuesday era.
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When that band fell apart, a lesser artist might have faded into anonymity. Now a quarter-century into her solo career, Mann is going as strong as ever, with her release Mental Illness hailed as one of her finest.
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Aimee Mann born September 8, is an American singer-songwriter. In the s Mann was the bassist and a vocalist for 'Til Tuesday , and wrote their top-ten single " Voices Carry ". She released her debut solo album, Whatever , in , and has released many albums since.
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2. “Frankenstein” (1995)

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When that band fell apart, a lesser artist might have faded into anonymity. Now a quarter-century into her solo career, Mann is going as strong as ever, with her release Mental Illness hailed as one of her finest. Her entire catalog deserves closer inspection though so here are ten Aimee Mann songs that might have snuck by you.

This piano-and-orchestra beauty shows off her idiosyncratic side, as she inhabits a character who becomes involved with a Jimmy Stewart lookalike many years her younger. It also shows a hopefulness in the chorus that, considering her penchant for more somber material, is almost bracing to hear coming from that voice.

Mann found a kindred musical spirit in producer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion. On this track marked by a typically wending Mann melody and some clattery percussion, Brion ladles on all kinds of squiggles and squawks, conjuring almost a horror movie vibe, to keep listeners surprised throughout.

Mann does the rest with one of her most evocative metaphors. When record company struggles piled up for Mann and the suits pushed her for a hit, director Paul Thomas Anderson threw her a lifeline. There is not an inessential track on Bachelor No. This number, which can be heard in instrumental form on the Magnolia soundtrack, stands out because of how it can be interpreted as either a lament over a feckless lover or a takedown of empty suits. On almost every album from Mann, there is a show-stopping weeper to stop you in your tracks.

For Lost in Space , she waits to unleash this torrent of sorrow until the very end. Concept albums can trip up even the finest artists: The Forgotten Arm finds Mann trying her hand at the form. While the story is a bear to follow, individual songs keep rising to the fore and grabbing you.

The best is this ballad about that point where even the most devoted lovers have to admit defeat. Mann rocking out? Imagine two jaded lovers with impressive vocabularies dissecting their relationship in the catchiest way possible. Mann leaned into the perception of herself as a chronicler of woe in the songs on the album, but she earns the emotion time and again thanks to her sizable gifts.

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