When I say wiped out I don mean they displaced the gene pool

I a robust ass chimp all the way baby JRE gang rise up.Anyway, the differences in behaviour and appearance (common chimps usually have paler faces while bonobos are blacked up and ready to rock) is what lends to the wider differentiation between the two, and the recognition that knowledge about common chimpanzee lifestyle is not […]

Also he was allowing, if not encouraging, his followers to

Parents write college essays, or hire someone else to do it. They’re overscheduling kids with extracurriculars that play to college admissions instead of their children’s actual interests. It sounds like overkill, and yet everyone else is doing it. Also he was allowing, if not encouraging, his followers to brigade against people who criticized him and […]

It can be a bit disorienting when moving left and right

I guess I can see where you’re coming from. I may have gotten caught up in the semantics of the original post because it seemed like he was insinuating that most Puerto Ricans view the island as its own country to spite the American identity instead of a shared identity, and I really have only […]

As the air starts to get crisp and the leaves start to turn

A father who was using his drone to click pictures at the beach averted a possible tragedy when he filmed a shark swimming near his children. Daniel Watson and his family were at New Smyrna Beach in Florida on June 23 when the incident occurred. According to Fox News, it was at this very spot […]