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Ich denke, man msste sich auf Produktgruppen beschrnken, wie bei der Mehrwertsteuer. Ob zwei Varianten des gleichen Produktes mit Wasser oder Kohlestrom hergestellt wurden, lsst sich leider nicht nachvollziehen.Alternativ knnte man von x Tonnen pro kg Rindfleisch zum Beispiel Standardmig ausgehen (relativ niedrig angesetzt) und wenn ein Betrieb weniger co2 produziert, kann er dies lckenlos […]

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But This Is America stirred up some people because of the portrayal of America. The whole background of the music video is filled with basically what looks to be chaos, hinting that America is in a bad state right now. Plus the gun violence imagery never goes over well with conservative groups like the NRA. […]

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“I saw myself in the mirror.” Yet people constantly use it because they think it sounds proper, like “Come talk to Christi or myself if you have any questions.” WHAT. JUST SAY COME TALK TO CHRISTI OR ME. ALL YOU NEED IS AN Canada Goose Outlet OBJECT PRONOUN. One is called acetaldehyde, which causes the […]

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It is irresponsible garbage. The fact that they try to justify it by saying it a “social experiment” undermines both the idea of marriage, and the social sciences. Its popularity is incredibly depressing. I lost about $350k a couple years ago, on a couple luxury canada goose uk shop housing “flips” that I provided gap […]

There is no end all be all method to dating after college

“The resolution has been failed by banks. There is absenteeism because no KYC has been done against some buyers and absenteeism is counted as no vote. This is causing the entire process to fail. Again, this is a hit or miss strategy and skill and learning experience. You need to be creative, you need to […]

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This embrace of colorblindness a selective and distorted reading of what King actually advocated enabled Reagan to frame his relentless attacks on civil rights as motivated by a morally righteous and apolitical commitment to equality. In doing so, Reagan was adopting a tactic that white anti busing segregationists and affirmative action opponents had developed during […]

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I’m well aware the term “platform” is mentioned several times in the white paper. What I’m saying is you provide an analysis without even diving one bit deeper into the project, not outlining the immense ecosystem that has been forged even before Mainnet launch, barely even grasping the potential a decentralized Oracle network would provide […]