Luckily for Legion they don need any perks to help with the

What it comes down to is, while I could certainly see an expansion where cleave (it has to be cleave, it fits too cleanly not to be called cleave) becomes a keyword, I don think they ever make it an evergreen mechanic. It seems like something they would constantly use if it were keyworded. Cleave+Rush/Charge […]

In the end I feel like that the ideal for a battle royale

The dungeons were released in 3.3, with ICC at most they were a catchup to ToC 10, putting you a tier behind relevance and several tiers behind cheap canada goose being able to clear ICC. In addition, the dungeons were tuned to be significantly harder than the other dungeons, so you couldn just walk […]

We are seeing a lot more of game action and not the full scene

Cloaked This talent doesn give a great explanation as to what it does. When your armor hits 0 this actually stuns everyone around you for 2 3 seconds. This is incredibly strong in this build as when you hit 0 armor you will be doing insane damage with Strained and any threats around you […]

After reading a bit this morning though

The president’s next stop is Crosby, Texas, where he’s speaking to the International Union of Operating Engineers International Training and Education Center. There, he’ll be signing executive orders on energy infrastructure. His final stop will be in Texas for another roundtable with supporters and more remarks at a joint fundraising committee dinner.. canada goose factory […]

I have no problem supporting people with mental illness and

I think this was in Malindi. I made a point not to discriminate between debt added by presidencies because that has been sanctimoniously used to gain a certain moral high ground between Democrats and Republicans. Yet it is factually incorrect. I make this guess because the rumor mill in my job gets pretty insane […]

can do what he been showing you he can do

Building unnecessary muscle isn going to help you run, unless you a sprinter I guess.Edit: oh, the army. Good luck. No advice for you. But police don agree with you. You are “technically right”, but a law isn a law if police will not enforce it. It has happened to me multiple times. canada […]