Second, her kid performs at or above grade level already

First, we have no confirmation of any of these diagnoses (she won supply a doctors note). Second, her kid performs at or above grade level already. The mom assertion that “getting Ds and Fs means the kid is below grade level” don cut it, her attendance is the problem (Note: If there is a legit […]

Part of the training was to call people you know to practice

The gesture may be nice but I hope Pinoy consumers could take a deeper look into this. This is blatant greenwashing. Nestle, Unilever and P have just been named the biggest plastic polluter companies in the PH. NONE of the current politicians are calling for drug reform. Mike gravel wants to get the discussion started […]

But hell, the NRA has been part of enough unconstitutional gun

This was a beautiful and historical result, 200 people, 60 institutes, 18 countries, 6 continents made this possible. Amazing beautiful cooperation, men, women. And a few keyboard warriors spoiled it for everyone. I not saying this guy is in the right, but discretion (look it up, it a legal concept) is a longstanding component of […]

If you have other tankmates, you may need to isolate this

Think the feeling with Hollywood was mutual. I felt done when they felt done, probably. Hasn starred in a movie for over a decade the 2008 comedy drama The Women her last significant role. In New Orleans (with friends, family, and guests who expect all of the drinks and drank all of the drinks), we […]

Granted I haven done anything to it besides update the c drive

I always give you crap because it seems like you go the other way around. Outlandish isn a problem for me, wishful is.Like take this one. I wasn looking for a way to prove any idea I had about Dany or Rhaegar or anyone. And how about health care? Drugs lead to health issues, especially […]