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The JIP LNG4Solution is introducing four the worlds most environmentally friendly and energy efficient tankers running on LNG and reducing air emissions in the whole supply chain of clean petroleum products (CPP) in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The JIP develops a comprehensive solution to minimize harmful air emissions (NOX, CO2 and PM) […]

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I went into college never having seen poverty, probably on my way to becoming part of a political party that I now see as detrimental canada goose uk black friday to our way of life. I walked out a flaming liberal thanks to the kind people who kept exposing me to Canada Goose Outlet the […]

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In what way is he NOT a socialist?peekabookpenguin 1 point submitted 5 days agoIt a rebuttal because there is a difference between feeling “unattracted to” and feeling “disgusted by”. I can feel totally unattracted to a normal looking woman who isn my type, and I wouldn feel disgusted if she hits on me, but if […]

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At an absolute minimum, bring 1/2″ copper (or pex) to your refrigerator and install an icemaker outlet box. As a stupid guy it awesome. Like the difference between a kitchen sink and a fire hose. On to longbows. The English longbows weren that much better than everyone else bows. English longbow archers, however, were. Hermes […]

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I shouldn’t have to teach those things, parents should. Schools can’t be expected to do everything, yet they are. Most schools are doing the best they can with the resources they’re given. So there’s only two paths forward. A industry wide and international move for unionization (as an American this just seems comically unrealistic) or […]

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The one that started it all (part two): After graduating from AliExpress (fun unbranded bags) and shitty reps (DHGate), I obsessed over the Saint Laurent Bellechasse and bought two from Taobao sellers. The first was terrible. Absolutely terrible. One of our large customers was always onbosrding and offboarding staff, many of which didn like to […]