I agree Anthem has some issues to work on, dear god it does

This assay has two advantages over existing methods: (1) can be handled in biohazard level 2 laboratories; (2) The use of either green fluorescent protein, luciferase or galactosidase as a reporter allows the assay to be used at low cost in laboratories throughout the world. G protein sequences from CVS 11, EBLV 1, EBLV 2 and a human street genotype 1 virus (RV61) cDNA were cloned and co expressed along with HIV/MLV gag pol and a GFP or luciferase in human 293T cells. The resulting pseudotyped viruses were able to infect a number of target cells and, with the exception of RV61, produced viral titres similar to the well characterised Vesicular Stomatitis Virus pseudotype.

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